Q: Are there any disadvantages to a car lease?
    A: As with any contract there are some disadvantages such as early termination fees, Insurance costs and car millage restrictions. In many cases the advantages far exceed the disadvantages if the car is maintained and kept to contract terms.

    Q: Why use A to Z Leasing SI instead of a dealer?
    A: The answer for this is simple, we shop multiple dealerships and get you the best possible lease payment for you. And since typically buy on our customers behalf dozens of cars from the one dealership, we receive special wholesale prices and discounts that ordinary public might not be privy to.

    Q: What are the advantages of a car lease?
    A: Depending on your needs, there are many advantages of leasing a car. For one Lower monthly car payments. Almost always the payments for a leased car are lower than a purchased one. This is because you are not paying for the whole car, just the portion of the car's value over the lease period. Second advantage is lower upfront costs such as down payments and generally a deposit for the first monthly payment as well as tax and registration fees are included.

    Q: I am new to the leasing process. How does it work?
    A: The process is very simple, a simple phone call or a quick drive to our Staten Island, New York car leasing office will get the process started. You will let us know of the particular make, model and features you would like for your future car, and we will go through our database and find you your dream car. Once you are happy with the terms, we will go ahead and run a credit check and acquire the car. In most cases, we will have an answer to you regarding the car you are looking for to you the same day or within 24 hours.